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About Us



I started The Hat Chic out of my kitchen in 2013 because I couldn't find the type of “fan gear” that I was looking for. My boys, Samuel and Drew, play sports, and that requires early mornings and late nights on fields. I wanted to be the ultimate fan, but I couldn’t find the attire I wanted under one roof. In order to be a supportive parent and achieve my goal of being this “ultimate fan,” I started making the clothes that I wanted, how I wanted. This included hats with creative designs and a bit of sparkle, and eventually turned into clothing specifically made for a woman. Who wants to dress like their husband, in a unisex, boxy t-shirt? Not me. We opened a store in 2015 that mainly catered to women, with glitz, glam and women’s fit attire. We’ve now expanded our options to cater to everyone in the family: for men, kids, women, and even your dog. We’ve got you covered.

My husband, Garrett, is one of my biggest cheerleaders, and gave me the push I needed to open a store, and offer my twist on fan apparel to the community. We’ve been able to expand our offerings from just a simple hat, to clothing and accessories, and push beyond that into online, and now wholesale. We hope you enjoy the pieces that we offer, a lot of time, thought and consideration goes into each piece, made specifically for you.

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